Heli G2 Reach Truck 1.6 - 2ton


CQD16 | CQD20

Power Source:
-Lithium Battery

Load Capacity:
1800kg / 2000kg

Battery Voltage / Capacity:
- 80/202

Travelling Speed, with/without load:
- 13km/h. | 14km/h

Transmission Box:
- HELI Special Transmission Box

Service Brake:
- Electrical

HELI G2 SERIES (Stand-On Type)

  • This model can operate in a limited and confined area with the ability to reach considerable heights. 
  • It is designed to support the driver's vision with convenient and safe operation. 
  • Speed control system while moving, lifting, and turning for safety operation.
  • The battery type can be chosen between lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries for suitability with electronic lifting speed control.
  • A new type of gear pump with low noise. high efficiency and has a longer service life
  • System to prevent misoperation
  • electric steering system
  • automatic braking system when releasing the accelerato
  • operator compartment is designed for easy and safe operation.

Additional Equipment (if applicable):
  • [List any additional equipment, e.g., double forks, side shift device, etc.]

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