Trade In

Trade In & Forklift Consignment Service

Forklift Consignment Service:

This is a service where customers can entrust their forklifts to us, and we will sell them on their behalf to obtain the best possible market price. In this service, we will be responsible for the sale of the forklift and related transactions, while the customer will receive the agreed-upon payment after the successful sale of the forklift. This service typically offers customers a convenient and professional sales channel. The primary reason is that we will do our best to achieve a final selling price for the customer's used forklift that is close to the market price, which cannot be achieved through Conventional Forklift Purchase Plan.

Conventional Forklift Purchase Plan:

Cheah Forklift Malaysia is a comprehensive service company specialising in the sale, and buyback of any type and brand of used forklifts. We offer on-site purchasing and selling of used diesel forklifts and used electric forklifts at affordable prices, helping you turn your old forklifts into valuable assets, realising their residual value.

Trade-In for New:

The trade-in for new forklifts is designed for customers who intend to purchase new forklifts. Our professional forklift assessors will visit your location to evaluate the remaining value of your old forklift.