Heli G2 Li-Ion Battery Forklift 1.5 ton - 3.5 ton



Power Source: Lithium Battery (New Energy)

Condition: Brand New

Environment Friendliness:
- Zero emission
- Low noise
- Free of heavy metals
- No corrosion
no acid mist volatilization

Long Service Life:
- Over 75% capacity retained after 4000 shifts of operation.
- Longer service life than lead-acid batteries under the same conditions.
- 5 years or 10,000 hours quality guarantee for high-performance lithium battery assembly.

High Efficiency and Energy Saving:
- 2-hour charge meets 6-8 hours of work.
- High energy density, self-discharge rate under 1% per month.
- 95% energy conversion rate, excellent charging and discharging performance.
- Flexible charging, easy operation, no impact on battery life.
- No need to change the battery, cost-saving, and safe operation.

Suitable for working in both high and low environment :
- Lithium battery is better than lead-acid battery when working between -25℃and 55℃

HELI G2 Li-lon Battery Forklift 2.0-3.8 ton – K2 Series 
HELI Lithium Battery Forklift truck adheres to “safety”, “high efficiency”, “energy saving” and “comfort” design philosophies and it is suitable for goods handling and stacking in multi-shifts and high intensity working condition, such as automobile industry, logistics industry, cold storage, drinks industry and so on.

Additional Equipment (if applicable):
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Trade-In and Consignment Services
We also offer Trade-In and Consignment services to facilitate your equipment upgrade process. Whether you're looking to trade in your current forklift for a newer model or wish to sell your forklift through consignment, we're here to assist you.

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